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Diesel Generators

Spare Parts

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TECHNOSERVICE has been actively engaged in servicing Auxiliary Engines since 1980. Having invested in latest manufacturing technology and personnel training TECHNOSERVICE can address customer's call in a timely and engineering sound manner either on site or at Piraeus located premises. In terms of manufacturing/supply of spares parts a constant upgrade of machinery and workshop infrastructure provide us with the capability and respond and rigidly support production of auxiliary engines' components from botha qualitative and precision like perspectives. 

However, irrespective of how supportive our infrastructure is (CNC, lathes, milling/ grinding/boring machines) the success factor lies in our personnel skills and know-how, developed/evolved over the years. Having realized the benefits of maintaining our personnel up-to date in terms of overhauling/maintenance works we have initiated a frequent training scheme thus our personnel technical competency is always kept sharp and sound. Irrespective of the wide experience accumulated so far, we do treat each case, either in the Spares or Service section, as unique and we subject it to a thorough study prior concluding on the action plan to be followed always in strict compliance with Maker's latest service recommendations. Our objective is to realize thoroughly our customers need and figure out a flexible approach to interact with them. The ability to do so relies on having developed a sound infrastructure and robust engineeringknowledge plus the system in place to implement it. Understanding our customers is the key to adding value we strive for.


Services relating to spares manufacturing/supply at workshop are Cylinder heads, connecting rods, Bearing shells, Pistons, Cylinder liners, In/Ex valve seats, valve guides, F.O. Injectors, Fuel nozzles, Plunger and barrels etc.Available brands on stock are:





Overhaul - Recondition

The expanding demands of shipping companies with the ever-evolving requirements of trading schemes has set the trend for the development of custom-built service packages addressing not only the procurement and operational reliability of equipment but also ensuring the lowest achievable expense thus minimising repair cost throughout equipment life cycle.




The lengthy thoroughly ingrained service experience TECHNOSERVICE has developed the ability to establish a robust engineering partnership for working out turn key service solutions ensuring that equipment performs to the level they were designed to. 

Our accomplished and skilled technicians can address both maintenance and troubleshooting issues on a round the clock basis either on-site or at the workshop.



 Service relating to overhaul/recondition works at workshop and/or work site are:General Overhauling (scheduled maintenance) of complete diesel generator, specific items such : Cylinder heads, Air coolers, Lub oil coolers, C.W. pumps and Lub oil pumps


Our service portfolio incorporates market leading Makers such as :



In our well equipped workshop facilities we can cover our clients spares needs as well as perform a thorough testing of machines prior being dispatched onboard thus mitigating the risk of malfunction during operation. - Identification of reported problem's root cause either by phone or on site. - Proposal of corrective actions for a permanent rectification implemented either by arranging an onboard service or dispatch of spare parts. - Overhaul of units at workshop facilities.

Whenever a service enquiry is placed we will do our utmost so as our clients will receive the assistance they need by incorporating, either selectively or as a package, following stages: 



TECHNOSERVICE strategical location in Piraeus port and strong commitment to a reliable and optimized deliverable shall always safeguard our clients interest worldwide.