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Technoservice has been established since 1972 in Piraeus, and is a well-known marine repair, manufacturing and trading company in Greece.


Its production line is flexible and highly capable to handle the demands of an ever-increasing shipping environment. It consists of both manual and CNC machines, which, combined with our long-term experience and excellent engineering expertise have long been accredited with the ISO9001:2000 Quality Standard qualification.


Main activities concern the manufacturing and supply of a vast variety of spare parts and components of the marine engineering field such as:


  • Complete centrifugal water pumps (4m3 – 450m3), and spares like:

           Teikoku, K.S.B., Thune Eureka, Ebara, Shinko Teikoku, Atlas Sasakura AFGU 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Sanitary pumps, Ejector pumps. 

  • Spares for internal combustion engines (Daihatsu, Yanmar, B&W) 
  • Tank air vent heads (2”-14”) round type and square type.  
  • Tank Cleaning machines (Alfa-Laval, Scanjet, Polar Marine, Tank-Tech, Nikura)). 
  • Specialized custom – made parts under special order. 
  • PV-Valves spares and recondition 
  • PV-Valve Tester.


With our experience and long-term co-operation with trading and shipping companies, we are able to know their exact demands, therefore our best service can be provided such:


Quick reply to your requisition.


Quick delivery time after your purchase order/


Storage to our premises prior delivery.


Delivery by our vehicles to the required Logistics, Airport or Port.